Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Getting Away

I am in need of a vacation.  I have been working non-stop for the past year. I have never called in sick, and while my boss is amazing and I really do love my job, some days I feel like I just need to get away from my life for a little while.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about all the things I have never done, and the things I would really like to try doing.  Did you follow that?  Traveling to another country is something I think I would enjoy, if I could get over my fear of flying.  Skiing is also something I would like to try, and while their are lots of places to ski here in the states, skiing in another country, like France, would be amazing.  There are places like Le Village Arc 1950 that offer beautiful accommodations for travelers. I was browsing online, and the Les Arcs Accommodations look amazing.  You can even find Apartments in Les Arc for very reasonable prices.  At least, I think they are reasonable, because the prices aren't listed in American money.

There are other countries I would like to visit too.  I would love to snorkel in crystal clear water, and maybe even take a hot air balloon ride.  But, instead, tomorrow I will get up and go to work, just like every other day.  Maybe someday I'll find the time, and money, to cross some of these things off my list.


Joy said...

Yup,we all need a vacation once in a while to recharge us and escape the drudgery of day to day living. Well,I hope you get to visit the countries you wish to see... someday.

Tammy said...

I hear you friend. I could really use a vacation too. I think I would feel so much better and have a better outlook. I hope you get one soon.