Sunday, January 20, 2013

Doctors, Doctors, And More Doctors!

I have had a few doctor's appointments over the last two weeks.  The first was a visit to my regular ob, who I adore! This doctor delivered all three of my other kids, and I am thrilled that she is going to deliver this one, too  This visit got a little scary when two nurses, and then the doctor, couldn't find the baby's heartbeat. My doctor finally brought in the portable ultrasound, and there was my little booger, doing flips! Apparently she didn't want to be still enough for them to hear her heartbeat with the doppler! I also had to do my sugar test at that visit, and I failed miserably. I wasn't surprised, though, since I had gestational diabetes while pregnant with Kasi.

My second doctor's visit was with a genetics counselor. Thankfully, my mom accompanied me to this visit, because I wasn't sure which, if any, tests I wanted done on the baby. After listening to the counselor talk and weighing my odds, which are higher due to my age, I decided to have the chromosome test done. It was a simple test, they just took my blood.  I am not sure I understand exactly what they do, but they can separate my blood from the baby's, and then test her blood for down's syndrome, and the other two chromosome abnormalities.I have to wait about ten days for those results, but I am not really worried.  The results will not change the way I feel about this baby, but knowing will help me prepare for life with her.

My third appointment was with a dietitian to discuss how to control my blood sugar.  I learned a lot, and so far, I am doing really well keeping my numbers where they should be.  It's going to be a long six months without chocolate, but my little booger is worth it.

It was at my appointment with the genetics counselor that they did an in depth ultrasound, measuring the fold of skin on the back of the bay's neck.  I don't remember which birth defect that detects, but my little booger doesn't have it.  I love being able to see her! She is always so active. At one point, it looked like she was sucking her little thumb. This was my fourth time seeing her, and I can not wait until March when they tell me for sure that she is a little girl.  Or that she is a boy, in which case I have a lot of apologizing to do to my belly! lol!


Donna said...

I'm sure all is well...Take care!

Miranda said...

This is so exciting. My daughter went for her ultrasound today, and her lil girl is now 2lbs 1 oz :D cute!

jenn said...

Miranda, that is awesome! I am also having a little girl!~ :)

Marilyn's Money said...

OMG Jenn, just getting caught up on a few blogs I love to read and can't believe it! I know you have struggled so hard with your divorce and weight loss, keep us posted and be safe girlie!